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Depth of Focus (Novel and Screenplay)

Danni wants a life — her own. She’s paid her dues. She moves to New York to study photography. But, there’s a small problem. Several people think she hasn’t paid her dues. And they’re ready to collect what they imagine she owes them. Whether it’s love, respect, sex, an apology, money, commitment, forgiveness or something else entirely, Danni feels like she’s being pulled in a million directions that all wind up at the same dead end.

A meddling roommate, nosy neighbor, former lover, current lover, mostly-absent father, jealous sibling, insecure best friend, demanding boss and suicidal mother vie for attention while Danni tries to balance her lousy waitressing job, approaching (see: dreaded) birthday party and shrinking college fund. She’d gladly run and hide. But, they all know where she lives. And she can’t afford to move. Besides, if she continues keeping everyone at arm's length, she’ll lose a lot more than a promising career.

This verse novel — that can be read in stanzas or what looks like ordinary prose — tells the story of a young woman’s quest for independence and career success. Complicated by relationships that pull her in different directions, that path leads Danni to an awakening she never expected — and isn’t quite sure she wants. Plans can change. But, Danni wonders... can people?

Depth of Focus: A Novel (Paperback)

Depth of Focus: A Novel (Kindle)

Depth of Focus: The Stanzas (Paperback)

Depth of Focus: The Stanzas (Kindle)

Depth of Focus: The Stanzas & A Novel (Paperback)

Depth of Focus: The Stanzas & A Novel (Kindle)

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A Novel Worth Reading

This debut novel is a worthwhile read! From the first page, you are drawn into Danni's world. The characters are brought to life in a world that most can relate to. You find yourself rooting for Danni and you struggle with her. The ups and downs and every relationship is lived with Danni...through her eyes. She is a strong, resilient female and someone that many of us wish we had the courage to be.


Film, TV, Web

Depth of Focus (Feature, drama/comedy)

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Ernie's Girls (Award-winning webseries, comedy)

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Short Fiction & Poetry

Checked Out: A woman finds out the hard way that work and romance don't always mix. (romance, comedy)

Drive:  A young driver overcomes his fear and indulges his obsession with the road. (suspense, comedy)

Two Down, Five to Go: A slacker embraces her inner sloth. (comedy)

Behind Bars

The Countdown


Jeff & Jill

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